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Maxed Out Kid


Everything You Need to Know about How to Help Your Kids Grow Up Into Awesome People

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Maxed Out Kid is A new blog for parents.

Help your kids be creative. Help them be kind. Help them fall in love with reading.

Help them to be AWESOME.


Maxed Out Kid is an upcoming blog for parents about how to help your kids grow into awesome people.

We are parents, just like you. We know that parenting now is a bigger challenge than it was for our moms and dads!

  • How do I help my kids be excited about learning?
  • How do I “sell” them on a healthy diet?
  • How do I help them be sympathetic?
  • How do I get them off the screens?
  • And a million of other questions…

We’ll launch the blog soon. Meanwhile, why don’t you join our pre-launch list so we can notify you when it’s live?

You can win the entire Narnia series for your Kindle.

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